An innovative brand identity, contemporary website and a promotional video were all part of an exciting project delivered by HMA to bring to life a digital strategy for software developed in-house at the University of Manchester.

FORM² is a form authoring and distribution system that facilitates the completion of electronic forms on web devices. The system initially launched internally at the University of Manchester in 2011, and was so successful that University wanted to market the system as a product to a wider audience.

HMA worked with University of Manchester Medical School and the University’s Intellectual Property division (UMIP) to set out clear objectives for the brand and ran workshops to develop a clear vision and brand strategy for the project.

The initial logo and concepts were then created and applied to collateral to give a feel of the finished brand. A 2D illustration style was developed using an infographic style which was incorporated into the promotional video to highlight the simplicity and key features of the product in a visual way.