Last Wednesday, HMA attended the inaugural BioSynergy conference. Co-hosted by Bionow and Science City York and in partnership with Fera, the one day conference brought together businesses, academia and experts in the life sciences community to network and inspire further growth within the industry.

As well as exhibiting at the event, HMA delivered a workshop on ‘Creative Bioscience: Social Media & Developing Apps to Support Your Business’.

The session was run by Ceri Batchelder – Business Development Director and Digital Healthcare Disciple, Fiona Higgins – Senior Marketing Manager and Online Promotion Guru, and Joyce Cowles – Account Executive and Social Media Whizz and was designed to be interactive and informative, giving attendees a one hour, hands on crash course in building a successful social media strategy and app to support their bioscience business.

Attendees were split into teams and the workshop began with an interactive and lively social media quiz. During the second half of the workshop, teams were challenged to compete against each other in the ‘Battle of the Bioscience App’. In 30 minutes each team had to design their own app using the materials provided and in one minute, pitch their idea to the rest of the group.

Thank you to everyone who attended, the workshop was a great success with lots of creative ideas coming out of the session on the types of apps that can support bioscience businesses.

For those of you who missed the session, please find a number of useful resources below:

1) Social media quiz and answers
Test your social media knowledge by viewing the presentation below or click here

2) Social media snap
Match the companies to the relevant social media activity – click here (answers can be found at the bottom of this blog).

3) Social media learnings
Many of the quiz answers and learnings can be found on our blog post and infographic here

4) Social media glossary
Bring yourself up to speed with the latest social media key terms – click here

5) Read Joyce’s top ten tips for social media here.

View the Twitter activity from the day:

Snap answers:

1 – E
2 – D
3 – A
4 – H
5 – G
6 – C
7 – F
8 – B