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Services: HMA Content Management System

HMA, in partnership with Microsoft software and technology, has developed our own content management system (CMS) which provides the functionality normally only associated with enterprise CMS systems whilst being simple to operate for non technical users. The system provides secure, dynamic management of website content through an intuitive web based wizard environment. The system ensures administrators only have access to manage areas of the website that they have been allocated. Features include:

    • Manage administration access
    • Add pages from existing templates
    • Edit content on existing pages including text, images, files, banners and bespoke content
      • Using Microsoft editing tools, you can update and format text within the website.
      • Image Editing – Upload an image once and use it anywhere in the website! New images can be uploaded at any time by browsing for a file on your machine/server. Images are automatically scaled, cropped and converted to standard web formats ensuring 100% compatibility with web standards and the design of the website.
    • Re-order pages using a drag and drop facility
    • Amend page information to facilitate Search Engine Optimisation including:
      • Page Titles
      • Navigation Titles
      • Meta Data
    • Preview pages before they are published
      • Rollback to previous versions of a page
      • Set ‘Publish’ and ‘Expiration’ dates for pages
    • Reporting – Bespoke reports can be set up to analyse any set of data within the website including:
      • User Registration Process
      • Keyword Search Results
      • User enquiries

To download the CMS user guide click here. For further detail on how the HMA CMS can be used as part of your new website please contact laura@hma.co.uk