HMA recently welcomed Matt Deloughry as our newest Full Stack Developer!

We caught up with Matt to find out a bit more about him…

What’s your story?

I like to think I’m an excellent example of a Geek – comics, games (table or video, either will do me fine), and anything tech, I’m there!

Programming has always been a hobby of mine, I love making tools and websites that others found useful. I found myself favouring the computer screen over sports (I’m rubbish at sports anyways – even the table variety – avid HMA table footballers Gregg and Guy will attest to that!). Having programming as such a big hobby led me to pursue it as a career, which has only strengthened my love of making tools and systems that help people.

And your professional background?

While in my final year of University, I worked at a local agency in Sheffield, where I got my first taste of commercial programming. After a couple years of learning and developing in the real world, I went to pastures new, as an iOS developer in-house for a mobile cash and carry to help create and build an iPad POS system. A couple of years after that, I found myself back in the agency life, producing e-commerce systems and bespoke CMS.

Ultimately as I’ve gotten older, I want to do work that helps a person’s day to day life become that little bit easier (be it on a personal or professional level), and now here I am at HMA to carry on that journey!

What do your weekends look like?

In recent years, I’ve taken to photography, and I’m not often seen without a camera in hand. I’ve also become a fan of collecting whiskeys and usually on the lookout for the next bottle to add to the collection…this does however get me in a bit of hot water within the household quite frequently!