In January we welcomed Account Director Emma Casimir to the HMA team. We caught up with Emma to ask her about her career, principles and approach to client service.

What’s your career story?

I got into digital projects about 14 years ago as a Content Editor for Heinz.

I became Head of Content in a Leeds Digital Agency before I moved over to Client Services and spent several years as the Account Director for clients Procter & Gamble, Arla, Irn-Bru and Durex.

I enjoyed a few years client side and prior to joining HMA I worked on digital projects developing content strategy, brand building and consumer psychology for Bupa Recruitment, HSBC and Direct Line.

What are the principles you apply when working with clients?

Focus on the most important people on any project – the end users.

Understand your clients’ priorities and pressure points.

Avoid over promising – it will only catch up with you later.

Tell the truth it’s easier to remember.

Never pretend you know all the answers – but never be short of probing questions until you do…

What do you aspire to in a good client relationship?

A collaborative approach and mutual trust based on respect for one another’s expertise.

A shared understanding that being customer focussed is a robust strategy for having a great business not a ‘fluffy’ philosophy.

What do you see as the benefits of working with an agency


Fresh perspectives.


Giving clients the time and space to focus on core business confident they are buying in digital expertise that doesn’t exist in house.

How do you think clients can get the most out of their agency spend?

By moving towards an understanding that all digital marketing activity (however tactical) is not a quick fix but part of a long term strategic investment in achieving core business goals.