HMA’s managing director Nicola Tiffany had the opportunity to go back to school on the 24th January when she was asked to interview the next generation of talent at Netherwood Advanced Learning Centre in Barnsley.

Ahead Partnerships, a social enterprise that connects businesses and communities to create social and economic change asked Nicola along with other local business representatives to put the Netherwood students under the spotlight by assessing their interview technique.

The focus of the activity was to provide valuable experience to year 11 students by placing them in real life interview situations prior to leaving school in the summer to pursue employment or college places.

Nicola said “It was great to see the enthusiasm and the attitude of the students as we went through the mock interviews. I was extremely impressed with the maturity and professionalism that was evident throughout the day.

We wish everyone at Netherwood ALC the very best of luck with their future endeavours.