We’re thrilled to announce that HMA and DigiBete have been shortlisted for ‘App of the Year’ at this year’s UK Dev Awards!

As DigiBete’s official tech partner, HMA have been working closely with its co-founders, Maddie and Rob Julian to develop this bespoke digital self-management tool for children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and their families, to help overcome barriers to good diabetes care. The app was officially commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement in June last year for rollout across England and Wales.

The DigiBete app provides a wide range of clinically approved, age-appropriate resources to help with the self-management of T1D. Users can favourite and save video resources to their device, store insulin ratios/doses and pump settings, add appointments and school healthcare plans and much more.

Not only is the DigiBete app evidence based and clinically endorsed, it is also the only app of its kind specifically aimed at children and their families. The app was developed using a co-creation approach with parents, clinicians and the T1D community. This approach extended right the way through the entire project from gathering requirements and testing functionality, to evaluating designs to ensure that it was engaging, met the needs of the end users and ultimately had a significant impact on peoples’ lives.

After only a few months in the market, the app has already been rolled out across 93% of clinics in England and Wales and almost a third of the 30,000 strong patient cohort for this app are now actively using it. This is not only resulting in some significant cost savings for the NHS but is also having an extremely positive impact on the lives of thousands of children and their families.

Emma Casimir, Client Services Director at HMA said, “We couldn’t be prouder to have been part of such an amazing project, driven by the passion and tenacity of its co-founders, Maddie & Rob. Their lived experience of caring for a child with T1D puts them in an ideal position to engage with that community in a way that no-one else has done before. This really is ground-breaking work, and it is fantastic that DigiBete has been shortlisted for this award and acknowledged for the life changing effect it is having on this community.”

The UK Dev Awards will take place on Thursday 11th March 2021. We wish everyone across all of the categories the best of luck!