For the last few months, we’ve been working with leading quality and compliance software provider Radar Healthcare to help devise and implement a brand strategy and digital campaign plan to support its growth plans in the healthcare sector.

Working alongside multiple stakeholders in the organisation, HMA embarked on a discovery phase to understand more about the vision for the company, the brand hierarchy and how the product (quality and compliance software) aligns with the requirements of the industry.

This resulted in the consolidation of company and product branding into one ‘Radar Software’ umbrella brand with industry-specific sub-brands – starting with Radar Healthcare.

To support this transition, HMA collaboratively supported Radar in the creation of a new visual identity and brand guidelines as well as the involvement and direction of other marketing materials including the website and printed literature. A digital campaign plan followed and HMA is continuing to support Radar in the delivery of this (and associated content) with the objectives of raising brand awareness and improving lead generation.

Radar Software (formerly Smartgate Solutions) is passionate about simplifying the complexities that regulated organisations face, giving them time to focus on delivering service excellent. Radar’s healthcare arm already supports over 4,000 health and social care settings to embed a culture of quality and compliance through its innovative software. You can find out more about Radar Healthcare at

Jane Backland, Head of Business Development at Radar Software commented: “It’s amazing to see the brand evolution that has taken place over the last few months and already, we have had a great deal of positive feedback from our partners, customers and industry experts. We’re delighted we chose HMA as our long-term partner to support us with this project – together, we’ve been able to build a great foundation to grow the business.”