Facebook is increasing the use of video in mobile advertising, allowing advertisers to target mobile consumers through video advertising on both iPhone and Android. The launch is targeted at companies promoting apps and instead of what was previously just an image, companies can now show a video to highlight the app’s features better and drive the number of downloads. The video doesn’t work on auto play, therefore, if you don’t click, it won’t play.

In his blog post, Facebook’s Radu Margarint said “Potential customers will be able to click play to watch a video featuring your mobile app before installing the app. Video creative has proven to be an effective way to drive engagement in News Feed, and we look forward to helping developers use their video creative to find new app installs.”

Furthermore, Facebook announced that developers can now set a cost per action (CPA), meaning that you only pay if a consumer downloads your app. Facebook says that this will reduce a mobile app marketer’s costs by 20% per install (based on a trial of 8 advertisers over two months).