Last week saw popular fitness brand Fitbit become the hottest property on the New York Stock Exchange being valued $4.1 billion after only one day, so what is the future for wearable technology?

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google have all produced smartwatch offerings with fitness hardware demonstrating their intentions in this emerging market. With this in mind and considering evolution of the smartphone it’s reasonable to expect to see rapid development in wearable technology.

The ability to integrate 3rd party software with hardware will see a flurry of applications enter the market over the coming months & years creating a wave of new opportunities for businesses to produce a new type of smartphone or tablet app.

Fitbit saw their shares rocket by over 50% on the first day of trading yesterday closing at $29.68 per share. This marks a new era in the wearable technology industry.

In the United States large corporations such as BP and Adobe are giving Fitbit trackers to their employees as part of the expanding US corporate wellness experiment with the theory that healthy and happy employees are a more productive workforce.

We think as with the smartphone wearables will rapidly become part of everyday modern life with boundless possibilities.

After working on a number of successful healthcare projects we are excited at the potential available to clients wishing to take their first steps in this burgeoning industry.