Over the last few months HMA has been working closely on a number of projects for Fera Science Ltd; a large agri / biotech research facility near York, UK.  Fera was previously a UK government agency but is now a joint concern shared between the government and Capita PLC. HMA’s experience in the science and technology sectors positioned us as the ideal partner for Fera to help drive awareness of its services and facilities in the UK and international marketplaces.

One area of activity was to assist Fera with promoting and running live webinars, focused on a range of their scientific testing services.  We worked closely with some of Fera’s senior scientists to run webinars on a wide range of topics, including bee ecotoxicology, wine testing, and food packaging safety.  These webinars were enthusiastically received by an international audience and helped to raise awareness of the world-leading scientific services provided by Fera.  We also produced a range of eBooks to accompany these webinars.

We’ve also partnered with Fera to raise awareness of the ‘Big Soil Community’ – an exciting project to monitor the health of the nation’s soil.  This project is reaching out to farmers and land management agencies in an effort to measure the biodiversity of their soils.  Fera is using cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology to identify the level and diversity of microbes in soil samples, both of which are known to influence the health and productivity of arable land.  HMA has been promoting this effort to create a UK-wide knowledge base that will help to improve the quality and productivity of our farmland, preserve the ecological balance and biodiversity of the environment, and secure our national food production industry for future generations. Through organic social media and PPC, we were able to raise awareness of the project and create an online community.

In addition, we’ve been helping to update and refresh Fera’s Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme (Fapas).  Ensuring the safety and fidelity of food and water is crucial to a secure global food chain, and Fera provide an extensive, world-leading range of scientific testing services and material that supports the food production and technology and water safety industries.  We’ve been creating brand new content and targeting key audiences to raise awareness of Fapas’ 2019-20 testing services and to highlight the wide range of expertise provided by Fera Science.