The HMA team were excited to be invited back to the second Connected Healthcare event at the Digital Media Centre (DMC) in Barnsley last week.

The Design Challenge was set to bring digital and health professionals together in order to identify innovative digital solutions to problems identified in a specific challenge areas.

The HMA design challenge team comprised:

  • Nicola Tiffany, Managing Director
  • Gregg Senior, Head of Development Strategy
  • Matt Pearce, Head of Design
  • Henrietta Key, Account Manager
  • Charlie Poyser, Marketing Intern

And our challenge area was to improve services for people with learning disabilities and we were joined by  ‘challenge champions’ – health professionals from Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as well as those caring for people (both adults and children) with learning difficulties – who were on hand to describe their stories and pain points.

Managing Director Nicola commented “Connected Healthcare is such a great opportunity for HMA to help make a real difference. We have taken great pride in our collaborative projects to date, working with various patient groups including those living with dementia.  Learning disabilities is however a new area for us and we’re grateful to the challenge champions for taking time out of their busy day to help us understand how digital tools could improve patient outcomes.”

Head of Development Strategy Gregg Senior said “Interacting with the people that experience first-hand the challenges of providing care for patients with learning disabilities provided us with a huge amount of insight and enabled us to explore solutions which are informed, evidence based and most importantly will improve patient outcomes.”

HMA will be back at the next event on the 20th of April.

For more information on the Connected Healthcare Digital Design Challenge go to

Photography credit – Timm Cleasby at the Picture Foundry,