Rob Hill, HMA Chairman, together with brand experts from the region have been working with students from Leeds College of Art to inspire the next generation of designers. Under the auspices of the Design Business Association (DBA), a brief has been conceived by the group and introduced to the students for them to fulfil.

This year’s brief is to create an identity for the high speed travel system ‘Hyperloop’. Hyperloop is engineer/inventor entrepreneur Elon Musk’s conceptual high speed ground transport system that will allow people to travel from LA to San Francisco at speeds up to 800mph using high pressure tubes. An alternative to conventional travel if successful Hyperloop will be a clean, safe, fast mode of transport.

Students will collaborate in the research and creation of a brand, guided by Jon Stubley, Ian Loseby, Chris Jackson, Ian Thompson and our very own Rob Hill.

The students are currently in the process of developing their brand identities for the Hyperloop, and their presentations will be judged at the end of February.

The very best of luck to all the students taking part from all of us at HMA