Microsites can provide a valuable marketing tool when you want to focus on a specific healthcare marketing campaign or product.

What is a microsite?

A microsite is a small website consisting of just one or several pages. Microsites are also often referred to as minisites or landing pages.

An example of when you may use a microsite could be when you’re launching a new healthcare product and require a dedicated online experience to work alongside the campaign providing clear, tailored content to your target audience.

Alternatively, perhaps you require an educational microsite to work alongside a video campaign which explains the mode-of-action of a drug or technology to investors and other stakeholders. A microsite would allow you to present your product/technology clearly as well as capture valuable data from website visitors.

Benefits of building a microsite

Quick to set up

One of the main benefits of a microsite is they’re quick to set up and you don’t need to make changes to your main website which can take a lot of time. This can be extremely important if you’re launching a new healthcare product with a tight deadline, or attending an event with a short lead time and require a clear path to capture enquiries.

Targeted messaging

Compared to your main website, a microsite allows you to focus your messaging more specifically, providing potential customers with a clear and positive user experience. The disadvantage of using your existing website is that customers can get distracted by other products and information. Often visitors are presented with too much information when they arrive on your homepage so by creating minisites, you can free up content and reduce the risk of overcrowding and distracting visitors.

Good for measuring ROI

Using a microsite allows you to send targeted traffic to a targeted minisite. As well as providing a seamless user experience, this allows you to analyse how specific campaigns are working rather than look at the sum of all your campaigns which may not be as accurate.

Good for SEO

A microsite has its own URL with tailored key phrases specific to your topic which in turn will be valued by search engines, as well as help drive traffic back to your main website.

Cost efficient

Due to the limited number of pages and content, microsites are an affordable solution as time to set up is minimal.

No restriction on content

Just as you can on your main website, there are no restrictions on the types of content you can include on your minisite, so whether that’s a biomedical animation, data capture form, YouTube video, payment system, infographic, or presentation, your minisite can still generate impact and complement your overall brand image.