We are delighted to announce the successful launch of a digital platform HMA has developed for Teenage Cancer Trust. This fantastic charity delivers world-class cancer services for young people aged 13-24 yrs in the UK, providing life-changing care and support. HMA were commissioned to redevelop the Information Assessment Mapping (IAM) portal which includes a multidisciplinary team (MDT) management system and patient engagement portal.

Utilising technology to deliver holistic care

The new MDT management system can be accessed and updated by the entire multidisciplinary team surrounding a young person with cancer. This allows for the collection of valuable information from all specialities. As well as allowing for clinician input, this central hub also contains key details such as patient demographics, information around diagnosis and an easy-to-access list of key team members involved in each patient’s care. It assists in the coordination of MDT meetings by providing a structured approach, ensuring these collaborative, wider team meetings are consistent and thorough.

Integrating patient feedback

The IAM portal enables young people to feed into their own integrated care plans by providing a score in a series of areas, such as physical health, mental health, family, relationships and education, to name a few. They can rate how they are feeling about a certain category and if they need more information in a particular area. Young people are also signposted to digital resources to offer further support in each of these key areas.

Young people are provided with the option of sharing their feedback with their care team. This information can then be reviewed in MDT meetings, enabling clinicians to deliver truly holistic care and support individuals by tackling issues as they arise.

Positive feedback

This newly developed platform has been in use for nearly three months in several Trusts in the UK and the feedback received so far has been incredibly positive. Jen Cheshire is IAM Portal National Implementation Project Manager at Teenage Cancer Trust. Jen comments “We’ve had some amazing feedback already from our clinical teams. They are all really impressed – not just with the system, but also how HMA have worked with us and really taken the time to understand what we need.

We looking forward to continue working alongside Teenage Cancer Trust as this new platform is rolled out across all specialist units nationwide and continues to make a positive impact on the lives of young people with cancer, as well as the healthcare professionals involved in their care.