A clean yet vibrant design with the ability to view the website in Chinese was the brief to bring to life new brand Osmetis, a subsidiary of Sheffield based JRI Orthopaedics.

Providers of high-end engineering and manufacturing subcontract services, the focus for Osmetis will be to build on JRI Orthopaedics’ award-winning success in the UK and target the market in China with high precision machining and vacuum plasma coatings.

HMA worked with a newly designed logo and branding to create an immersive website with clear content sign posting. High-quality imagery and videos throughout the website were used to give a strong visual impact to enhance the accompanying product and service information. Functionality to include pages in Chinese when required was also added to the website during development.

Osmetis is positioning the new brand as a standout alternative to its competitors by demonstrating the team’s technical expertise and their unique manufacturing and coating process.

Client Services Director at HMA Emma said: “We have wanted to work with JRI Orthopaedics for a long time because we heard about all the innovative work the team are doing, so we were really pleased to deliver this first digital project with them to help launch Osmetis.

Visit osmetis.com to see the work.