We caught up with Jonny to find out a bit more about him!

What’s your story?

I got interested in the web when one of my old bands needed a website and I was probably the most technically minded out of the four of us. I then went to Wakefield College to study an HND in Interactive Media and graduated in 2006.

It was something I kind of fell into – more of a hobby at first – but having turned out I was pretty good at it, I stuck at it and here I am today.

And your professional background?

I started out as a Web Designer, doing a mixture of design and front-end development for a large Sheffield agency back in 2006. I always found the design side frustrating, as it’s so subjective, so over time I’ve moved further towards the development side.

For the last 6 years I’ve been a Front-End Developer for another local agency where I led the way with moving them towards responsive web development. Over that time though I’ve got more into JavaScript and the newer frameworks involving Node and React hence my recent move to HMA.

What do your weekends look like?

If I’m not out Gruffalo spotting with my two boys and Mrs H or tending to the fruit and veg we have growing, I can be found out on my bike. Being the Chair of a local cycling club (Sitwell CC) takes up most of the spare time I don’t have!