Here’s a bit more about our newest Front End/UX developer.

What’s your story?

I’ve always been a visual person, interested in how things look and how we interact with them. I became interested in coding as a way of creating digital art but soon understood the potential for doing much more. I learned to use a few different programming languages and enjoyed the mix of logical thinking and creativity, eventually realising I was most interested in developing for the web. After a lot of time spent teaching myself and developing sites for friends and clients, I’m delighted to be working here at HMA!

And your professional background?

I graduated with a philosophy degree from the University of Sheffield, and since then I’ve worked in a few different roles (although never as a professional philosopher). I’ve worked as a freelance video producer and photographer, a TEFL teacher in Barcelona, a technical assistant for an opera singer, a subtitle quality control tester and many odd jobs in-between. I’m now extremely happy in my current role developing user-friendly, high-quality and performant websites, and drawing on my varied experience to enhance my work.

What do your weekends look like?

Most weekends I’ll be either be relaxing and listening to music, playing squash or wandering the streets taking photos of things and people.