Following last year’s success and to mark the new GBBO TV series, the Great HMA Bake Off returned to the office this August.

We’re currently into week 2 and so far it’s all been pretty tame with no #bingate scandals but this year we’ve spiced up the rules to include open categories and allow for a more creative flair!

Each week, two team members go head to head and marks are given for presentation, taste, complexity of recipe and originality. Extra points are rewarded for factoring in lactose free, gluten free AND vegan, however, to make it a real challenge, contestants can only submit one bake!

Who will ‘rise’ to the challenge and be crowned HMA Bake Off Champion 2014? Keep checking our blog post for the latest entries!

Week 1: Cake

Joyce’s gluten free chocolate cake. Check out Joyce’s Vines here and here.

Matt’s HMA branded sponge cake

Week 2: Cookies

Robert’s chocolate cookies

Next week…Sam and Eliot go head to head with a ‘savoury bake’…