Silverstone Park, managed by British commercial property company MEPC, lies at the heart of a world-leading cluster of high-performance technology and motorsport businesses. Its vision is to become a global destination for a diverse range of businesses with shared aspirations and values, who through their passion and determination, innovate, engineer and perform at the highest levels.

As part of MEPC’s long-term development of Silverstone Park, HMA was approached, alongside the design and development of its new website, to create a number of computer generated images (CGIs) to showcase the long term plans for the site, inspire the future development and get people excited about MEPC’s vision for Silverstone.

Stylistically the images would form an integral part of all the marketing material, being used as the ‘hero’ shots in both print and digital marketing work. This meant that they needed to have a very identifiable ‘look’ that portrayed Silverstone Park’s brand identity as one of the world’s leading centres for the high-performance technology and motorsport (HPT&M) industries.

HMA was brought into the project in the very early stages of its master planning. Following the brief, we worked closely with Terrance O’Rourke; the project masterplanners to gain an understanding of the project and the latest plans. The first stage was then to build the basic 3D model and begin texturing and lighting which was very much a process of experimentation; testing a number of styles, lighting techniques and material treatments. The challenge here was trying to make what is a very large site with lots of small buildings, look simple, stand-out and have the kind of definition that would make it easily readable as an image and get the message across but yet not look too simple or unrefined. Once the basic style had been agreed, we then worked on refining the 3D elements and added various lighting effects before bringing the overall images into Photoshop to add colour and atmospheric effects.

The final image has now been used across various marketing collateral featured around the site during the recent British Grand Prix, as well as being picked up by the local and national press.