If you’re a small to medium sized business and looking to build your community of followers, you may be interested in Twitter’s latest announcement that it has opened its advertising platform to SME’s in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

In their blog post last week Twitter said “Twitter advertising lets you amplify your presence on the platform, while giving you total control of your message. Use Promoted Accounts to build an active community of followers who are advocates and influencers for your business. If you’re looking to broaden the reach of message, try Promoted Tweets, which let you engage with users who are not yet following you based on a variety of powerful targeting options.”

The advertising model works on a pay per click basis where you only pay per engagement, e.g. if someone follows, retweets, favourites, replies or clicks on your tweet. Also, like Google adwords, you can set a maximum budget and when you reach that limit your campaign stops, so there’s no worry about going over.

Since launching on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this month, Twitter has made a number of announcements to attract advertisers and generate more revenue.

Twitter has partnered with O2 to mark the launch who will be offering a share of £1 million advertising credit, as well as educational content including best practice guides and case studies.

If you’re an SME and interested in leveraging Twitter Ads, visit ads.twitter.com.