It’s that time of year again as the HMA fantasy football league kicks off this Saturday alongside the start of football’s Premier League.

In what has become a HMA tradition 10 teams will compete for the title and hope to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon awarded to the worst performing team in May.

Fiercely competitive Chairman Rob Hill hopes his imaginatively named “Footy FC” will end a four year silverware drought and come away with the title. Whereas Director Steve Pickup is optimistically chasing “Mid-table mediocrity” after finishing last in the 2015-2016 season.

Project Manager and “Troops of Doom” coach Richard “stickers” Stickland is hoping to do the double after winning comfortably last season.

New teams vying this year include “Jossys Giants”, “Wilmshurst Wanderers” and “Gregoria Maximus

Reports that Managing Director Nicola Tiffany has banned the url from HMA computers are at this point unconfirmed.

It’s going to be a long season.