Twitter has recently started experimenting a new look that is being compared to Facebook’s timeline, the Google+ stream, as well as similar websites and applications including Facebook’s ‘Paper’.

However, not all of us have been fortunate enough to experience the new look as Twitter has only rolled out the redesign to a selected number of users. In their blog post last September, Twitter announced that they would be experimenting new features over the forthcoming months. “It’s rare for a day to go by when we’re not releasing at least one experiment” said Twitter. However, not everyone will see them. “You may see some features that your friend doesn’t see, or vice versa. This is all in service of making Twitter the best it can be.”

What does it look like?

Spotted by Mashable’s assistant features editor Matt Petronzio last Tuesday, the header photo now appears full width across the top (1500 x 500 pixels), moving the main avatar photo and bio closer to the left hand side. The most dramatic change is the way in which tweets are displayed. Instead of the vertical feed of text based messages, tweets are now displayed as content cards, highlighting videos and images much more prominently.

Love it or hate it?

Twitter’s latest experiment comes shortly after they launched a redesign of their web version, giving Twitter a cleaner and clearer look. However, this was tested months before being rolled out so if Twitter decide to go ahead with the latest experiment, it could be some months before we all start to see it.