An interesting article was posted last week on Social Media Today highlighting UK social media statistics for 2014. We liked it so much that we created an infographic!

Click the image below to review the stats:

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  • Growth period has slowed. Comscore reported an end of December 2013 user base of just over 31 million users.
  • This time last year the figure was around 1.5 million higher.


  • Growth remains steady – previous confirmed UK figure was 10m, in May 2012.
  • Almost half of its users worldwide prefer to read, rather than send out tweets themselves: 40% of users worldwide simply use Twitter as a “curated news feed of updates that reflect their passions”.
  • 80% of Twitter users are active on mobile devices, the majority of these likely to be Smartphone users.


  • Page views staying steady at just over 60m per month.
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of visits to corporate websites from any social media site.
  • Push towards recruiting from further and higher education. LinkedIn has reduced the minimum age limit for its accounts to 13, and is providing enhanced functionality, including Alumni search, to woo higher education establishments into spending more time on the site.


  • No confirmed user stats from Google, despite the fact that, given they track pretty much everything we do on the web these days, they must have a pretty clear idea of who’s doing what.
  • One third party study claimed G+ to be the second most active network, but this is blurred by YouTube, Gmail and many other site logins with Google + user IDs.

The Biggest Growers

  • Pinterest has seen huge growth within the last year. UK user stats were around 200,000 users late 2011/early 2012. Recent data puts the number at over two million, in July 2013.
  • New features, including “Place pins” to encourage “dream trip” planning and “article pins” to create virtual reading lists.
  • High engagement – 80% of pins are re-pinned from elsewhere on the site.


  • Good growth, with 150 million global users reported in late 2013
  • UK specific figures are nonexistent at this stage, making it difficult for UK businesses to evaluate where, or if, Instagram fits into their online strategy.

New(ish) Kid on the Block…

  • Snapchat– particularly amongst the youngest demographic (13-20).
  • Mobile-only service
  • Globally the 13-20yr olds are the core audience
  • 70% of users are female.