It’s been a busy summer at HMA – we’ve been heads down working on some very exciting projects due to launch over the next couple of months! Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come…

 Combined Minds

The latest project from stem4 is Combined Minds,  a new app to support the families of young people with a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, eating disorders, depression and addiction. It will offer advice and activities to carry out on their own, or alongside the young person they’re supporting. Users can create a list of favourite activities based on what has worked previously with the young person. The app will also signpost to other charities and services that could provide the right kind of help required.

 Digibete App

HMA worked with Type 1 Diabetes charity Digibete last year to create their website to help young people and families to manage Type 1 Diabetes. Now, we’re working with Digibete on an app that will be distributed to parents within a diabetes clinic. Clinics, each with a specific access code will enable young people to use the app with content provided based on the age of the patient. As with the Digibete website, the content will mainly be video focused, but will also feature quizzes, a dictionary and a section called My Awards – app based goals for the user to achieve based on activities such as the number of videos watched or quizzes taken. Also within the app will be a section where the user can add upcoming appointments, as well as their insulin details and levels for reference. The app uses a cloud-based account system, allowing users to access personalised content and their details from any device.


Physiobuddie is a website that will be launching soon to help people manage their own physiotherapy exercise programme, reducing the need for contact time with their physiotherapist. The physio will create a programme of exercises for the user, each with their own video. The user then works through this curated programme, responding with feedback to the physio as they go. The programme is split into 4 phases and after a progress consultation with their physio, the user unlocks the next phase of activities to work through. HMA has created over 70 videos and  designed and developed the website, which will be launching soon.