As of 10th June 2014, Nominet, the non-profit company that manages UK web addresses, launched .uk domains, making it possible for anyone with an existing domain name to claim first right to the equivalent .uk domain.

What is it?

The new shorter .uk domain focuses the attention firmly on your website name, putting the emphasis on your brand and allows businesses to establish a sense of local identity.

What are the benefits?

According to a survey carried out on 2,352 Internet users by Opinion Matters, 72% of users are more likely to choose a .uk rather than a .com address when looking for information online. Users say that seeing the .UK domain makes them believe that the website’s content will be relevant to them, of local import and trustworthy.

What do I need to do?

If you already hold a domain within the .uk domain family, you will automatically be reserved the .uk equivalent for five years. You can register it at any time during this period.

For clients wanting to register their new .uk domain, contact HMA or your domain registrar or hosting company.

When is the cut off?

The reservation period for existing customers who already have a,,,, or runs up until 07:59hrs on 10 June 2019

What about is still staying, along with, and all the other domains ending in .uk that currently exist.