With the growing number of emails being viewed on mobile and tablets, creating a seamless experience across multiple platforms can seem like a daunting task. However, responsive email design is a solution that many HMA clients are adopting to deliver consistent high quality to their customers.

What is responsive email design?

Responsive email design enables content to be presented in the most appropriate format according to the device it is being viewed on, delivering a smooth and positive user experience regardless of whether a reader is at their desk or on the go.

Why go responsive?

Latest figures from Litmus reveals around 47% of emails are now being opened on mobile, so if you send out regular emails to your customers and prospects and are only designing for desktop, this presents a problem for smaller screen readers who will more than likely have difficulties reading text, viewing images and clicking links. With 80% of readers deleting an email if it doesn’t look good on their device, a poor user experience can be detrimental to your brand. It is therefore important that companies adapt their communications strategy to deliver consistent quality across all platforms, which will ultimately achieve higher click through and engagement rates.

How to implement responsive email design

There are many possibilities with responsive email from changing the layout, colours and content, to nagivation, images and fonts and HMA’s team of designers can discuss your requirements in detail to build a template that meets your campaign needs.

As well as responsive design, we offer everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign, including copywriting and broadcast, as well as managing responses and reporting. As we’ve delivered email campaigns for many years, we use tried and tested techniques to avoid spam filters and firewalls and get your emails opened and read.

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