Having worked with leading quality and compliance software provider Radar Healthcare since 2018 on its brand development and digital marketing strategy, we recently had the opportunity to redesign and develop a new Radar website to further support our brand awareness and lead generation activity.

Since implementing Radar’s rebrand, the brand proposition and visual style has evolved naturally, and so the time was right to revisit the digital presence and ensure the content and design was aligned with the progress of the organisation. Bringing this channel into HMA’s remit also affords us much more flexibility when it comes to content and campaign iterations.

In addition to a new look and feel, multiple UX enhancements have been made to the website – ensuring we maximise on opportunities to outline product benefits and encourage users to find out more.

From an internal point of view, we have streamlined functionality within the content management system, adding flexibility to the structure and layout of the site which will create efficiencies within Radar’s marketing team.

Hayley Levene, Head of Marketing at Radar said: “We have had lots of great feedback on the website, both internally and externally – it’s a true reflection of where we are now as a brand, and provides us with a flexible, scalable platform to support our growth strategy.”

You can take a look at the new Radar website for yourself here.

Radar Healthcare work with healthcare organisations to improve safety, performance and quality of care. Through their innovative software, Radar offers an intelligent approach to managing quality- and compliance-related activity, bringing together many operational and complex processes into one system.