So you are considering using video as part of your online marketing strategy but perhaps you don’t know where to start?

Previously video marketing has been seen as being expensive, time consuming and with limited ROI but with only 24% of brands investing in video you can stand out from the competition with quality well thought out video content.

Before you start thinking about how you will deliver your video marketing projects you should consider these 5 questions:

What is your video for? Start with the simple question of what’s the purpose of producing your video? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Drive more traffic to your website? Are you launching a new product? Defining clear objectives is the first step to producing a successful online video.

Who is your audience? As a marketer you should already have a good idea about your target market, nailing this early will help you when it comes to producing concepts for your video.

What is your key message? Getting your message over early in your video is essential, your viewers may not always watch the whole video so making sure you can get this over early and multiple times is essential.

Get Feedback on your ideas – You may think you have a fantastic idea but you may be the only one – get some feedback before production to avoid a costly mistake. Make sure you use people from a broad target audience before proceeding to make sure you are bang on point with your message.

What is your call to action? – remember our first question “what is your video for?” Having a clearly defined call to action is important. Do you want more subscribers? The viewer to click a link to a landing page? The viewer to call a telephone number? Or perhaps fill in a form? Knowing the call to action will help you point to it when producing your video, you can then include it in the video itself as a graphic, within the narration or presentation and also within the description.

By carefully planning out your online video strategy, you can ensure you deliver a video campaign that meets your overall business objectives.

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